Alive at 25 NY is a highly-effective four-hour course that serves as an excellent complement to standard New York State driver education programs. We are also ideal for young drivers located in the Syracuse, NY area who incur traffic violations. Serving Fulton, Onondaga, Oswego, and St. Lawrence counties.


Course Content:

  • Why young adults often underestimate risk
  • The effects of inexperience, peer pressure and such distractions as cell phones, text messaging, MP3 players and GPS units
  • The dangers of "kneeing"
  • State and local driving laws and regulations
  • Communication skills for assertiveness and being a young leader
  • Responsibility of passengers

The “Alive at 25” program emphasizes peer pressure and how to manage it. Participants examine the fact that they are in control of their behavior and are provided techniques for keeping control in driving situations.  Through interactive video participation and role-playing exercises, they are provided the opportunity to practice making responsible choices.

Vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of death for people between the ages of 16 and 24. The National Safety Council, a leader in driver improvement training for more than 40 years, developed the program to specifically target drivers in this age group. According to the National Safety Council:


  • Young drivers are involved in fatal crashes at more than twice the rate of all others
  • The first year for a newly licensed teenage driver is the most dangerous with more than one in five involved in crashes
  • Each year nearly 6,000 teens are killed in vehicular accidents; more than 3,800 are drivers age 15-20
  • Annually, more than 326,000 young drivers are seriously injured
  • Exceeding the posted speed limit or driving at an unsafe speed is the most common error in fatal teenage accidents
  • More than 1,000 young drivers lose their lives each year in crashes because of an impaired driver, be it themselves or someone else
  • Although this group represents about 7% of the nations’ licensed drivers, they are involved in nearly 15% of all fatal crashes
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